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The Mincing Lane on 1st Apr.,2016

Mincing Lane was once famous as a centre of trading for tea and spice. A more recent claim to fame is Minster Court, a postmodern-gothic building constructed in the early 90's guarded by bronze horses in the forecourt. Its architectural features brought it starring roles in the movies including 101 Dalmatians as the exterior of Cruella De Vil's haute couture fashion house!
Our frameless led panel ,quick and easy to install with no maintenance requirements and no visible frame when installed in the ceiling grid, the led panel have the additional benefit of 13% extra visible light when compared with other led panel luminaires and provide 50,000 hours of maintenance free life.
Our led panels come complete with a "plug and play" driver and are quick and easy to install. Options include fixed and dimmable outputs, is suitable for exposed ceiling grids and is the ideal replacement for fluorescent multi-lamp luminaires.